Posted by: Jennie Pollock | November 12, 2011

Paving the way

Symbolism exists precisely for the  purpose of conveying to the imagination what the intellect is not ready for.
CS Lewis

I love hearing the same message several times over several weeks from several different places. It always makes me prick up my ears and listen.

This is one of those messages.

It’s what I was trying to say – in far more words – in this post a few weeks ago, which I’d picked up from a couple of sources.

It cropped up in another conversation last week, and then this quotation popped into my twitter feed a couple of days ago.

We haven’t had a Saturday Quote for a (long) while, so I thought it would make a good one to ponder. Maybe someone’s trying to tell you something, too!


  1. great quote – thanks for passing it along!

    • Thanks Jon – thought you might like that one!


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