God seems to have been bringing a lot of teaching about leadership into my life over the past weeks and months, so I’ve decided perhaps I ought to pay attention!

Every Wednesday I’m posting the lessons I’m learning and reflections on the things I’m reading in this area – not because I know it all, and am generously sharing my wisdom, but because I’m learning so much so fast I need to a) write it down to help etch it in my brain and b) collate it all in some easily-accessible place for future reference.

If it’s any use to you, too, that’s great!

Some of the issues to be covered are listed below, not necessarily in the order I write them in:
Ask questions
 Take time to think
See it for yourself
Develop your vision
 Sell your vision
Lead from where you are
Build good people around yourself
 Know who you are
Identify roadblocks
Start small
Have the courage of your convictions…
 …and the courage to admit when you’re wrong
Manage expectations
What gets measured gets done
Character, character, character
Characteristics of a great vision
Know what you stand for
Live your values
Lead yourself
Leading through change (part 1)
Leading through change (part 2)
Say it with chocolate
Leading through serving
Balancing vision-casting and action-taking

How not to lead:

Leadership book reviews:
Leadership by Rudy Giuliani
Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels

I’ll try and remember to link to each one as I write it!!  Interaction always welcome.

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