The New Song

I’ve written several posts about the current ‘song’ our culture is singing, the Core Beliefs it holds dear, and now I think it’s time to start singing the new song back to it.

Hearing its pain is one thing, hearing it, being saddened by it, and walking away is another thing entirely.

The posts headed NewSong are the things I’m learning and discovering about the alternative values that stand, either in opposition to, or in radically different form to, the ones our world holds dear.

I believe the way He calls us to live is not just an arbitrary set of rules, automatically counter to our natural inclinations, established for the purpose of making us miserable.  I believe that it gives life, gives strength and enables us to build strong healthy relationships with each other and with God.

Living this way will not save people; only faith in Jesus and acceptance of his sacrifice and forgiveness of sins can do that.  But if these principles are modelled by the people of God and begin to pervade our workplaces, our cities and our nations, I believe they will have the effect of lifting the corners of the blanket of darkness which currently blinds people’s hearts.  As we raise the corners, the light will shine in and maybe, just maybe, some hearts will be ready, and more able, to receive it, and begin to sing a New Song…

The lyrics include:

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